New Orleans Brass Band with a Chicago twist


Born out of a love of new orleans


Feeling the need for better, and more authentic New Orleans music in Chicago, Joe Goltz (Youngblood Brass Band, Mama Digdown's Brass Band) set out to put together a group that could play reserved and raucous. From 1920's Jazz to the bombastic beats of Rebirth Brass Band, the current members of High-Hat Second Line are veterans of some of the best Midwest brass bands and jazz groups. While Joe has moved to the east coast, his legacy lives on with the hand-picked talent that is High-Hat Second Line


Trumpet/Vocals - Ben Bell-Bern

Saxophone/Vocals - Tim Koelling

Trombone/Vocals - Ryan Christianson

Drums/Vocals - Pete Nocito

Sousaphone - William Russell



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